Students' Gymkhana

The Students' Gymkhana is a student body, fostering all student activities at IIT Bhubaneswar and bridging the gap between the students and the authorities. From its genesis in the year 2010, it seeks to cultivate various qualitative approaches amongst students to master an enhanced life. The Students' Gymkhana is the nucleus of the numerous extra-curricular, technical and co-curricular activities held in IIT Bhubaneswar spanning activities of different genres of sports, cultural and technical fields. It plays a cardinal role in cultivating and nurturing their extra-curricular talents here by encouraging their participation in a number of contrasting events. Gymkhana works towards an aim to bring all round development in the students through their active role in extra-curricular activities to supplement education and advancing the general welfare of our students.

The hierarchy of Students' Gymkhana comprises the President, Students' Senate, an elected representative body and the elected executives: the Vice President, General Secretary Socio-Cultural Council, General Secretary Science and Technology Council, General Secretary Sports Council. The Senate lays down the general guideline for the functions of the executives and their associated councils. General Elections are held every year during spring for various offices of powers. The elections are presided over by an election commissioner. The Gymkhana Elections and its healthy functioning are done in accordance to the Gymkhana Constitution.

Technical Council

"The technical is not just the machinery. The technical is a disposition to life."
The Technical Council of the Students' Gymkhana of IIT Bhubaneswar provides an opportunity and a platform for students to persevere their hobbies in the field of technology. The Council aims at pushing forward the students to think beyond the convention, supports innovation and helps them showcase their talent. The students can also improve themselves by attending the series of workshops on robotics, various softwares and business plans that the Council holds throughout the year. The Council comprises of different societies headed by their Governors and Secretaries, while the main directing body of the Council is headed by the General Secretary.

Centre for Entrepreneurship is a non-profit organization that aims at the promotion of spirit of entrepreneurship among students.
It has been conducting a plethora of events since its establishment in 2009 and aims at nurturing innovative ideas among the students from the root level. E-Cell at IIT Bhubaneswar plays a key role in fostering the entrepreneurial endeavors in young minds. It invites eminent entrepreneurs to deliver lectures and educate students in various fields of entrepreneurship. Many institutions like 'TIE' and 'NEN' have associated with Centre for Entrepreneurship and have conducted programs in the Institute.
We at IIT Bhubaneswar believe that the technocrats graduating from here should be job providers and not job seekers. So to develop the budding entrepreneurs of our college, Centre for Entrepreneurship provides students with resources and guidance to mold them to become the aspiring entrepreneurs. Centre for entrepreneurship has created an environment of ideation and innovation and enabled incubation of ideas through mentoring and guidance.


Organizes "Insight Inside" sessions on various entrepreneurship and innovation related issues.
Organizes "IDEA POOL" by which we encourage innovative thinking in students of our institute.
Organizes " Quizzaire" sessions to inculcate interest and empower a spirit of entrepreneurship among the students.

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RISC provides a forum for the students to pursue and learn innovative technology. The RISC consists of a group of dedicated members and serves those students whose interest lie in learning about and building robots. Forging ahead with an aim to promote and advance in the art of robotics, the Society strives to advance in innovation, education, and fundamental and applied research in Robotics and Automation by working in a fun-filled environment sharing knowledge, information and ideas.
Several workshops and events are conducted by the RISC on regular basis. It includes winter workshops and competitions conducted for the students. There are also several projects that are undertaken by the RISC members and provide an opportunity for a healthy student interaction. RISC is also responsible for conducting all the robotic events in Wissenaire, the techno-management fest of IIT Bhubaneswar.

"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think."

The main aim of the Programming Society is to spread the knowledge of programming among the students. The Programming Society was formed in the year 2012 by a group of dedicated programmers. Since its inception, the society has been very active in conducting lots of events, competitions and workshops for the students of IIT Bhubaneswar. Members of the Programming Society are proficient in the knowledge of various programming languages and software tools. The Programming Society is proud to announce its association with 'CodeChef' (the largest non-profit programming community). Many corporations like 'IBM' and 'Microsoft' have associated with us to conduct events and workshops.


Organizes "Code Marathon" Programming competition every semester.
Organizes various workshops in fields like 'Android App Development", "Cloud Computing", etc.
Organizes guest lectures in the field of computer science by eminent speakers across the country.

"Photographs open doors into the past but they also allow a look into the future."

Clix was formed with an aim to provide audio visual data to the Institute, advertising and documenting Institute’s events and showcasing it to a larger audience through photographs and videos. In 2013, acknowledging the significant role CLIX made in projecting IIT Bhubaneswar to the outside world and in capturing memories for the IIT family here, it was made an official part of Students' Gymkhana.

With a team of skilled photographers, in the past few years, we have grown from a simple ‘Event Coverage Team’ to a ‘Photography Society’ by organizing workshops on photography and post processing. We also conduct various photography competitions to help nurture the talent among students.

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Sports Council

Sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy toward teammates and opponents, ethical behavior and integrity, and grace in victory or defeat.
IIT Bhubaneswar offers wide scope for the students to excel in the domain of sports and games. The students play wide variety of sports and games such as Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Table tennis, Volleyball, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Athletics, and Aquatics etc. Being a budding Institute, IIT Bhubaneswar has never compromised in providing the facilities required to enhance the students' talent. A well-equipped Gymnasium is present at individual hostels to ensure students' fitness and sound health. Cricket nets, Volleyball, basketball and indoor courts etc. are provided to the students.
Winners never quit, and quitters never win
Various inter departmental and inter hall tournaments are held where students as participants strive to keep up their department and hall pride. This serves as the right platform for the students of various years to have a healthy interaction with each other. The competitions are held in various sports and games and points are allotted accordingly to winners and runners. The aggregate of points scored by each department in various sports is compared and the department with highest points will be awarded as the General Champion.
Strive for excellence, not perfection is our motto!!

Inter IIT Sports meet

This is the most prestigious event which is usually held in the month of December every year. The contingents comprise of players from various sporting backgrounds from all the 16 IITs who fight with true spirit of sportsmanship to make their flag held high above all other institutes. IIT Bhubaneswar has been sending its contingent since 2009. It has made a mark by winning silver medal in the March-past making its presence felt at the meet held in 2009. In Athletics, IIT Bhubaneswar bagged two medals in the single event proving its expertise. Students practice round the clock to participate in the event and show their excellence.
During the past few years, Sports Council has proved out to be one of the best facilities in the area of sports made available to students and is making infinite strides to gain a formidable presence felt in the national arena.

Cultural Council

The Cultural Council of the Students' Gymkhana of IIT Bhubaneswar aims at promoting the essence of culture among the students. Throughout the year, the Council puts up a variety of cultural events and workshops, spanning myriad genres of culture and helps the students to train themselves in different forms of art. The students are also provided with opportunities to test and improve themselves through inter – collegiate competitions by participating in their college festivals. The cultural calendar is best set so as not to hinder the students' academics. The Council comprises of different societies headed by their Governors and Secretaries, while the main directing body of the Council is headed by the General Secretary.

The fine arts Society of IIT Bhubaneswar brings out the creative side of the engineering minds. Established in 2008, the society has been a medium for the students to explore the alleys of creativity in the form of painting, sketching, clay modelling, craft which provides an excellent recreation to the students. The Fine Arts Society of IIT Bhubaneswar are the tech savvy Picasso and Da Vinci of our time. Their vision and imagination flows from their minds to their works and creating master pieces.

The society is a hub for creativity for everyone which brings together like-minded individuals to share their appreciation of and commitment to the arts by celebrating the festival of lights in a different way making it a special Diwali for the students of IIT Bhubaneswar. An illumination is prepared with the help of 'diyas' every year by the students which is illuminated on the night of the festival of lights. The society works with a definite administrative structure which makes the functioning more efficient.

With the enthusiastic support of all the team members, Fine Arts society continues to march ahead to serve the cultural world to the best of its ability consistently with the resources contributed by all to ensure maximum satisfaction of accomplishing targets of the society.

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Dramatics society of IIT Bhubaneswar, "The Fourth Wall" was formed in 2009 with the sole motive to promote young talent. The society is a group of people who like to entertain, act and share their love on the stage. The Dramatics Society aims to create awareness about the profound knowledge on the theatrical acts among young enthusiastic students by knitting together people who are interested in the same genre of arts onto a common platform. It gives the students a path to access and appreciate theatre and also a wide exposure by participating in inter-collegiate and national fests. They engage themselves with everything ranging from comedies to serious issues and social dramas.

The Dramatics Society is the face of youth of the college as we enact and spread the message of the hour to audiences through our enlightening plays. It, being one of the active societies of IIT Bhubaneswar works for a social cause to spread awareness among people through its various nukkads and street plays every year on different festive occasions. Workshops conducted on a regular basis enhance stage presentation, voice presentation/modulation and improvise acting. It has proved out to be a great place to learn, a place to make ever-lasting friendships and to experience people at their creative best of acting.

Panacea, the literary society of IIT Bhubaneswar was strongly built on the pillars of talented people sharing a common vision. This society was formed with a dual objective of honing the literary skills of the students and having fun while at it. Panacea aims to provide students with numerous opportunities to voice their underlying opinions as well as nurturing and improving their creative skills- with a vision to eventually transform them into a wholesome individual ready to take on this world in a stride. The society has been instrumental in setting up of a reading club-cum-library, having a diverse inventory of academic and non-academic books and journals- to quench the thirst of avid readers. The institute newsletter - 'WISTAZ' is yet another initiative of the society which serves as a wreath binding together all the students of the institute.

Panacea is responsible for organising popular literary events on important international celebrations and has its own individual set of activities "LITSPREE" in the much acclaimed socio cultural fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, Alma fiesta. Panacea also conducts frequent debating sessions to improve public speaking and oratory skills of students. Signing off, it's the apt place for book lovers and novel junk-heads!

Motto: Pens are mightier than swords and when technical minds get down to their key boards, they form the Literary Society which is mightier than any force and works to spread awareness amongst the college youth.

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"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
Bob Marley

The Music Society of IIT Bhubaneswar are one of the most sought after societies. We at IIT Bhubaneswar groom the geeks of tomorrow to become the Remos and Shreya Ghoshals of their time. In the fast running world of today where 'life is a race, if you don't run fast you will be like a broken anda'; the cultural talents of the youth are undermined by the dominating academic life, we at IIT Bhubaneswar come to rescue such gifted youths. The Music Society lives by the rhythm and their passion for music is well reflected in their enthralling performances.

The Music Society of IIT Bhubaneswar is known for its versatility of harbouring talents who are skilled and interested in myriad genres ranging from classical genre to hard metal rock. We have talents playing Led Zeplin to Malahar raga. The Music Productions held every semester are a treat for whole institute.

You can't see a painter or a writer or a musician if you just look at them, but you can see a dancer in a child if they've studied ballet for a year."The dance society of Indian Institute of Technology,Bhubaneswar aims at nurturing different forms of dance and providing a platform for dance enthusiasts to join together and excel in the field of dance. It organises and funds students for their performances on various occasions and competitions on and off the campus. It has seen tremendous success in most of its previous performances and its appearance on stage is always awaited for. The dance society, for sure is a wonderful society to be a part of and the stay would be worthwhile.

The Dance Society of IIT Bhubaneswar is famous for the various dance forms and the blend of various cultures. The members of Dance Society of IIT Bhubaneswar are born from the boom-box. We lock, we pop and we groove to the tunes.We have had performances with an amalgamation of Michael Jackson, robot and b boying. The society has a culture of participating in various college fests and winning laurels.

Film reflects an experience of vision, of movement, of synchronized sound that is not limited to film and projectors. Artists in cinematography invoke the cinematic experience by going outside film technically or even combining the cinematic with other art forms. In an era not only of new media but of fusion among the arts and media, cinematography is what brings life into a idea.

With this notion of creating something new, Cinematics society of IIT Bhubaneswar was formed by a handful of artistic geeks. Cinematics was society was very active and made quite a few videos which were truly inspiring. This society even took the responsibility of being the change by creating videos depicting videos on harassments on women and piracy of films. The video on Piracy made by the society was voted as one of the best videos in a online competition. This society proved that regardless of several hindrances, perseverance, ingenuity and quality is what matters.

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The philosophies weren't that mature, the intention though was pretty much the same. As 4 young brains initiated a better utilization of their time and efforts, they could but only imagine the set of events that might occur in their pursuit of success. 3 summers down the lane, situation has changed and so has the tendency of the students to join in this endeavor, an endeavor to bring forth a change; a change in the social scenario. But starting from the scratch, that too without the guidance of any, was more like battling the destiny. The planning seemed immaculate, so were the implementations; the results though defied our true intentions. The pressure to perform was soon encroaching the enthusiasm that had served until then. Although we found support amongst our peers in the form of few more helping hands, it still wasn't enough to serve the purpose. The apparent failure of the first project, meant immediate brainstorming for newer projects. Nonetheless, the interactions with the school kids were far more amazing that we had ever expected; clearing the queries, we felt more like real-life counsellors.
As we kept scribbling newer ideas, we came across the biggest slice of luck that we could ever have wished. We found a direction, and all thanks would be to Dr. Sruti Mohapatra. With her guidance, the missing links were soon put off. Our efforts now found a different channel, where we now had the option to take cues. With the first-hand experience of volunteering in a national level event as National Children's Festival, our learning curve went up exponentially. Working with Swabhimaan, brought in more awakening and realization, as in whereto we could actually play our roles, more efficiently. Further exploration of the social scenario and the major contributors in its upliftment, led us to Asha Kiran Orphanage; and the corresponding tryst brought forth the beautiful inaugural performance of Alma Fiesta 2012.
The enthusiasm by then engulfed the junior batches too. With the showering in of more responsible shoulders, a handful of projects sprang up in no time. Audio book library (an initiative to facilitate audio books for the visually challenged), modernized traffic signals to allow visually challenged people independently cross the traffic intersections, thalassemia awareness, speech to text software development besides the various donation drives, now forms the set of our activity chart. As the evening dawns upon the founders, a promising bunch is all set to take forth the baton; and with the increasing co-operation of the Gymkhana, Souls for Solace seems all set to take a giant leap.

Alma Fiesta

The Annual Cultural fest of IIT Bhubaneswar and the largest of its kind in Eastern India, Alma Fiesta embraces the cultural prowess filled with an exhilarating atmosphere of endless entertainment.

Alma Fiesta ensues in the festive spirit and promises to be a new event full of enthusiasm and extravagance and lets the exclamations of festivity echo across the expanse of creativity. It adorns itself with 3 nights of spell-binding performances and thrilling star nights, DJ's and classical nites followed by the days which are encompassed with events from different genres of dance, drama, music, literary and workshops. Alma Fiesta has also endeavoured to attach a social responsibility to it to create a better tomorrow and vows to sharpen the intellect of the youth and mould their dreams into passions.

Alma Fiesta itself is an intoxicating vineyard of exuberance, which all the while lies glowing in the amber light of hope and belief and vows to continue the legacy of redefining festivity off the usual chaotic life-style and take back eternal cognizance.

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Wissenaire is the annual techno-management festival of IIT Bhubaneswar. The word Wissenaire is derived from the German word "Wissen" meaning knowledge and "aire" meaning free. Thus it is justified by its tagline "Knowledge runs free". With a plethora of events which encompass the myriad genres of technical extravaganza like coding, robotics, designing, modeling, quizzing and paper presentations, Wissenaire celebrates the inherent technical prowess of the students. Adding to its technical avatar, Wissenaire also organizes state-of-the-art workshops, breathe-taking mega shows and guest lectures by International delegates.

The first edition of Wissenaire was organized in 2011 by technical enthusiasts among the students of IIT Bhubaneswar. With a mammoth success of the debut edition, Wissenaire has emerged as one of the most awaited technical fests of the country. The fest has commendable associations with international giants like Microsoft, IBM and Solid Works. Over the years, luminaries who visited the fest include former IPS officer and social activist Dr. Kiran Bedi, Former SAIL Chairman Mr. SK Roongta and Dutch Magician Mr. Arvind Jayshankar. Wissenaire adds another feather to its cap for introducing the first ever 3D and UV Laser show in Odisha.

Wissenaire casts its spell to serve the needs of the technical minds of the students all over India. It has thus emerged as an ascending platform with skyrocketing targets to boost the technical proficiency of the budding engineers in India.

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Dr. C. N. Bhende
(Associate Professor, School of Electrical Sciences)
Ph: 0674-2306 248
Vice President
Amit Kumar Meena
Ph.: 7205796873
Dr. Kaushik Das
(Assistant Professor, School of MMME)
Ph.: 674 2576181

Advisory Council

Committee Faculty Advisor Contact No Email
Social & Cultural Dr. Lalan Kumar 674-2306303
Science & Technology Dr. Tabrez Khan 0674-2576087
Sports & Games Dr. Venugopal A. 0674-2306235

Other Office Bearers

Name Post Contact No.
Radhe ShyamTiwari General Secretary: Socio-Cultural 9437380483
Nivas B General Secretary: Science and Technology 8093131575
Muni Krishna K M General Secretary: Sports and Games 9937762410
Sai Himaja Guduru Venkata Naga Dance Secretary 9078814813
Punith R Music Secretary 9445579585
Kalla Praveen Fine Arts Secretary 9078814689
Vishnuprasad. S Cinematic Secretary 9078633835
Shivam Shukla Secretary, Souls for Solace 9078814728
Pranjal Bangani Literary Secretary 8951035937
Raghvendra Singh Dramatics Secretary 9178523187
Rama Jogeswara Visruth Technical Secretary 8886644444
Ravindranth K. V. Web & Design Secretary 9848869629
RamreddyGari RahulReddy Robotics Secretary 7077100964
Kyathari Snigdha Programming Secretary 9078814801
Zaman Ishtiyaq Event Coverage Secretary 9078814370
Sai Anurag Boreddy Cricket Secretary 8008549370
Shah Chaitanya Football Secretary 9408669007
Ankit Singh Indoor Games Secretary 9078814570
Abhishek Kodam Athletics Secretary 7036076618
Vinay Kumar Donthi Small Area Sports Secretary 7893870906

President's Word

Photo of Chandrashekhar Narayan Bhende

Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, from its humble start in 2008 has come down a long way in its strife to become one of the leading institutes of the country. Achieving this success in this short a journey would have been impossible without the contribution of the students and extensive support of the Students' Gymkhana, the students' representative body. Established in 2009, the Gymkhana has been efficiently working as an independent, self-governing and democratic organization that has bridged the gap between the students and the administration.

From managing various societies catering to different interests and talents of the students, organizing various intra-college co-curricular, technical and sports events and competitions, holding informative workshops, celebrating the festivals at hostels with great fervor and organizing the institute's very own socio-cultural and technical fests, Alma Fiesta and Wissenaire respectively, the Students' Gymkhana has played a commendable role in nurturing the extra-curricular talents of the students, enhancing their personality and cultivating leadership qualities in them to equip them for a successful independent corporate and social life.

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to be heading this organization, I congratulate all its members for their achievements so far and extend my support and good wishes to continue these appreciable efforts.

Students Gymkhana

Best Players of Inter Branch General Championship 2013-2014

Sport Best Player
AthleticsTrack- Lalit Kumar
Field- Lokesh Kumar
Badminton MenRavi Maurya
Badminton WomenAnanya
Basket Ball MenSantosh
Basket Ball WomenPriyanka Yadav
Lawn TennisB.Revanth
Table TennisDixit Vashi
VolleyballD.Mani Babu