The Annual Entrepreneurial Conclave of IIT Bhubaneswar



The annual entrepreneurial conclave of IIT Bhubaneswar, E-Summit, in its 2016 edition, was a resounding success. The two-day student-organized event, with its virtuous ambition of infusing the spirits of entrepreneurship among the students of the region, made its mark with its theme of "Industry 4.0" that aimed to promote the Made-In- India concept. Participants were exposed to the real world of business, manufacturing and information technology as they interacted with the CEOs and the heads of multiple diverse companies. Workshops and Competitions were organized to give the aspiring entrepreneurs to test their mettle and give wings to their creativities. The enthralling lectures of the successful personalities, the deep, meaningful panel- discussions and the enthusiastic response of a spellbound audience elevated the fest to a level never seen before. The experts also deliberated on the current standards of entrepreneurial aspirations and the vital qualities that bring a dream to life and serves the common-good. Most notable among the events were the Investors Drive and Vision Night that charged the atmosphere with energy. Ideas were pitched in and dreams were dreamt of. A wonderful convergence of youth, energy, enthusiasm, planning, capital and dreams.

MR. Rajinish Kumar

Managing Director of SBI


Mr. Ronak Samantray

Founder of NewFloats

Panel Discussions




An array of top business leaders staking the claim for their firm contribution to the national development would be one way to put Vision Night into words. However no words are sufficient to describe the mesmerizing effect it had on the audience. Vision Night brought together a team of CEOs, MDs and Founders sharing a common goal of substantiating the goal of achieving the fourth industrial revolution in their firm as well as in India in the coming ten years. It was a great platform to bring about an optimistic approach as well as to learn the A, B, and Cs of business for the young budding entrepreneurs as the delegates also touched upon the opportunities of entrepreneurship in the nascent field of Industry 4.0. It was an honest attempt towards contributing towards the Make In India concept. The event was a grand success, with overwhelming enthusiasm of the participants and the wisdom of the eminent personalities present.


A startup isn't about just a business plan. A startup is a complex organism, sustained by multiple vital organs that provide support and stability. Also, many external factors may influence the extent of success of an entrepreneurial endeavor. Any aspiring entrepreneur must take into account all these factors, analyze their impact and find a way to eliminate or overcome the shortcomings. And doing this isn't as easy as it sounds. Many dreams have rode the waves while many more have fallen from grace. We realized that the best way to surf the rising waves is to interact directly with those who have already reached the zenith and who know the recipe to a successful business plan. The Panel Discussions organized by E-Summit did exactly that. Participants absorbed keenly as the invited CEOs, MDs, Founders, Chairmen and other eminent personalities discussed some the contemporary issues with wisdom and received thoughtful questions from the audience. An electrifying evening it was. And in the end, both the panel and the audience felt enlightened with more knowledge and wisdom.


C Likhit Kumar
Chief co-ordinator, Esummit'17

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