Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur has laid out the framework for the 'common platform' to exchange the ideas and enhance the competitiveness among the students of various IITs which resulted in drafting comprehensive guidelines for Inter IIT Tech Meet - the biggest arena for testing each individual's and Institute's brightest minds in a war of intelligence, excellence and innovation.

With the idea accepted, the 1st Inter IIT Tech Meet was hosted by IIT Kanpur in 2013, and was a great success, paving the way for the recurring annual event to be rotated amongst the different IITs from year to year wherein the second third and forth editions were held at IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur ,IIT Mandi respectively.

IIT Bhubaneswar has set its mark in all the previous editions of InterIIT Techmeet and the performances being drastically enhanced every year.

7th Inter IIT Techmeet

The 4th InterIIT contingent of IIT Bhubaneswar has showcased considerable skills in achieving a noteworthy position in the InterIIT table.

IIT Bhubaneswar participated in the following events:

Tech Quiz:

  • Revanth Bodepudi
  • Ruchit Kaplesh
  • Shravan Malemputi

The team stood in 3rd position among all the IITs.

Embedded Systems:

  • Nivas Bachu
  • Ramreddygari Rahul Reddy
  • Shravan Malemputi

The team stood in 4th position among all the participated IITs and the prototype was titled as the The Cost Efficient Model by the Judging Panel.


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