"The technical is not just the machinery. The technical is a disposition to life."

The Technical Council of the Students' Gymkhana of IIT Bhubaneswar provides an opportunity and a platform for students to persevere their hobbies in the field of technology. The Council aims at pushing forward the students to think beyond the convention, supports innovation and helps them showcase their talent. The students can also improve themselves by attending the series of workshops on robotics, various softwares and business plans that the Council holds throughout the year. The Council comprises of different societies headed by their Governors and Secretaries, while the main directing body of the Council is headed by the General Secretary.


"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think." -STEVE JOBS

The main aim of the Neuromancers, the Programming Society is to spread the knowledge of programming among the students as the world is increasingly being rebuilt in cyberspace. Neuromancers was formed in the year 2013 by a group of dedicated programmers. Members of the Programming Society are proficient in the knowledge of various programming languages and software tools. Since its inception, the society has been very active in conducting lots of events, competitions and workshops for the students of IIT Bhubaneswar. The members of this society work and participate under various titles such as Android app development, Web development, Machine learning, Natural language processing etc. Last year, some members of the society took part in coding contests at Kshitij (IITKgp), Tech Fest(IITB)and won the GDG (Google Developer's Group) BBSR coding contest. IBWC (IIT Bhubaneshwar Winter Code) and IBSOC (IIT Bhubaneshwar Summer Code) is one mentorship program that was initiated last year in which the seniors mentor the juniors in learning new programming skills and doing projects during their vacations. The society also organizes guest lectures in the field of computer science by eminent speakers from across the country.

Neuromancers team 2014-15




 Organizes "Code Marathon" Programming competition every year.

 Organizes various workshops in fields like 'Android App Development", "Cloud Computing", etc.

 Organizes guest lectures in the field of computer science by eminent speakers across the country.



"Photographs open doors into the past but they also allow a look into the future." -SALLY MANN

Clix was formed with an aim to provide audio visual data to the Institute, advertising and documenting Institute's events and showcasing it to a larger audience through photographs and videos. In 2013, acknowledging the significant role CLIX made in projecting IIT Bhubaneswar to the outside world and in capturing memories for the IIT family here, it was made an official part of Students' Gymkhana. With a team of skilled photographers, in the past few years, we have grown from a simple 'Event Coverage Team' to a 'Photography Society' by organizing workshops on photography and post processing. We also conduct various photography competitions to help nurture the talent among students.


Clix team

Risc logo

Robot soccer




"Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think." -STEVE JOBS

RISC provides a forum for the students to pursue and learn innovative technology. The RISC consists of a group of dedicated members and serves those students whose interest lie in learning about and building robots. Forging ahead with an aim to promote and advance in the art of robotics, the Society strives to advance in innovation, education, and fundamental and applied research in Robotics and Automation by working in a fun-filled environment sharing knowledge, information and ideas. Several workshops and events are conducted by the RISC on regular basis. It includes winter workshops and competitions conducted for the students. There are also several projects that are undertaken by the RISC members and provide an opportunity for a healthy student interaction. RISC is also responsible for conducting all the robotic events in Wissenaire, the techno-management fest of IIT Bhubaneswar.



The Website and Design Society of IIT Bhubaneswar has the credit of managing and designing all the websites of the institute. It equips the students with the skill and art of creating websites and club designs. Members of the society actively conduct competitions for beginners and advanced web designers.The first look into an institute, its fests or anything for that matter is definitely through its website.That this first look gives an impressive, informative, updated, effortless and hence a lasting impression, is ensured by the Web and Design society, which manages all the website related matters of the institute and helps the students to foster their creativity and master the skill of website designing, a must in today's world.


Batch photo



Organises Workshops Regarding Web Technologies like
Front End: HTML,CSS,JavaScript
Server Side:php,servlet/jsp

Builds various Webapps for Institute and any Student Activities on request like Gymkhana,Placement Cell,Alumni sites

Organises Digital Design Workshops for Photoshop,Illustrator,After Effects




A new budding society, ‘Nakshathra’ -the Astronomy Club of IIT Bhubaneswar is formed as a forum to share the events happening in the realm of Astronomy and Cosmology. It aims to provide the latest updates and unknown facts to the Institute through a monthly newsletter of it's own. Also, the Society plans for star-gazing workshops, webinars to hone the skills of the members and students. The Society soon will have modern equipments and telescopes for the students to unveil the colors of the Cosmos .



Publication of a monthly newsletter.

Organizing star-gazing workshops and webinars.

Organizing lectures by eminent scientists and professors in the Institute as well.



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