Students Gymkhana, IIT Bhubaneswar

The Students' Gymkhana is a student body, fostering all student activities at IIT Bhubaneswar and bridging the gap between the students and the authorities. From its genesis in the year 2010, it seeks to cultivate various qualitative approaches amongst students to master an enhanced life. The Students' Gymkhana is the nucleus of the numerous extra-curricular, technical and co-curricular activities held in IIT Bhubaneswar spanning activities of different genres of sports, cultural and technical fields. It plays a cardinal role in cultivating and nurturing their extra-curricular talents here by encouraging their participation in a number of contrasting events. Gymkhana works towards an aim to bring all round development in the students through their active role in extra-curricular activities to supplement education and advancing the general welfare of our students. The hierarchy of Students' Gymkhana comprises the President, Students' Senate, an elected representative body and the elected executives: the Vice President, General Secretary Socio-Cultural Council, General Secretary Science and Technology Council, General Secretary Sports Council. The Senate lays down the general guideline for the functions of the executives and their associated councils. General Elections are held every year during spring for various offices of powers. The elections are presided over by an election commissioner. The Gymkhana Elections and its healthy functioning are done in accordance to the Gymkhana Constitution.



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